Special report: Steroids, street drugs a problem in MMA, too

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8/6/07 1:25:49PM
On the Tuesday before UFC 73, I was on the phone with a friend who works with a top mixed martial arts champion. The person understands the pro wrestling business well. I asked them if MMA has a similar drug culture to professional wrestling.

8/6/07 1:38:17PM
Diego Sanchez tested positive for marijuana? I woulda never guessed that. Thought he was a spiritual goody two shoes insperational speacher type.. must be tryin to get in the zone with the green!
8/6/07 3:17:29PM
To support, partially, what they said about the PRIDE policy. James Thompson has told US (the WarWagon) that he had to pee before and after every fight but never knew whether they checked for steroids, drugs, both, neither. He said since he's always clean he just never expected to hear anything.
8/8/07 1:18:32AM
isnt mary jane medicinal so i mean that kinda sucks they check for that
8/9/07 12:32:00PM
I don't think they should get fined for marijuana..... lol I mean honestly, if anything weed makes you fight worse and deplenishes your stamina, and if anybody tells you weed helps you then they are ..... idiots.
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