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10/3/12 12:16:39PM
Customers at the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg, Ky., alerted authorities after they spotted something they probably wish they hadn't: restaurant employees wheeling roadkill back to the kitchen.

Local CBS affiliate WYMT interviewed the witnesses. The roadkill was apparently a deer stuffed into a trash can. "There was actually a blood trail they were mopping up behind the garbage can," customer Katie Hopkins said. "There was like a tail, and like a foot and a leg sticking out of the garbage can, and they wheeled it straight back into the kitchen."

Local health inspector Paul Lawson was called in to investigate. Lawson said the restaurant owners told him they didn't know they were doing anything wrong. "They said they didn't know they weren't allowed to do that. So that makes me concerned that maybe they could have before. They didn't admit to doing it before." The owner said he didn't plan to serve the deer to customers—instead he planned to use it to feed his family.

The restaurant has been temporarily shut down but will be eligible to reopen as soon as it passes another health inspection and proves it has been washed and sanitized.

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10/3/12 12:23:37PM

LMAO they didn't know they couldn't serve roadkill. Makes you really wonder how long roadkill has been served as kung pao chicken.
10/3/12 12:32:25PM
What's the problem Venison is great.
10/3/12 12:48:30PM
manswers said roadkill was fine to eat as long as you got it right away after it got killed. In Manswers we trust.
10/3/12 1:48:58PM
i would probably eat road kill if it was fresh and not of the varmint species, but i sure as hell wouldn't want to see it getting drug into the restaurant i was about to eat at.
10/3/12 3:22:59PM
Kentucky has Chinese people?

...but seriously, i don't buy his excuse about feeding his family, but if it were true, i wouldn't have a problem with that. To each his own.
10/3/12 3:41:36PM
A guy that worked for my dad at one point would pick up raccoons off the road when he saw them. Said they tasted great. Kept extras in the freezer.

Have you have ever seen a dead raccoon all by itself?

Not for me

10/3/12 4:39:50PM

See, this is why I usually just stick to seafood and tofu.

I've always thought chicken never tasted quite right in most asian restaurants. When it can be breaded and battered and covered in sauces - who the hell knows what you're getting (although I usually blame it on being a meat quality issue than a roadkill substitution issue).

If someone wants to purposely eat roadkill stew, I have no issue with that.
Just don't put some miscellaneous sauce on it and tell people it's sweet and sour chicken.
10/3/12 4:57:19PM
Nothing wrong with eating a deer the was found on the side of the road. As long as its fresh road kill and its insides are not exploded.

But that is something that should only be done at home. When you go to a restaurant you pay for something you think is clean. Trickery isn't a nice thing is this case.

But also, with that said. It is a Chinese restaurant. I am one for a chinese buffet, but really, how clean is that food in the first place. Maybe they were running out of the Kung Pao Chicken that day and needed some back up.
10/4/12 2:42:38PM
I've eaten deer and moose that were hit by cars. The issue with the health inspector isn't even with the idea that its roadkill, but that it's not USDA graded meat. You can't even donate a deer you shot in the woods to a soup kitchen in most states.

That said, it would be better than most meat in the Chinese place to begin with. Chinese restaurants don't deal with major distributors like other restaurants, but strictly with Chinese food distributors. They get cuts of meat that are far below industry standard, and often on the verge of spoilage, so they get it at extremely low prices.

I have a Chinese restaurant directly across the parking lot from my cafe and they get a meat delivery every single day from a company called Ching Chang Inc, and it comes in inside a truck that isn't even refridgerated. This isn't a cheap joint either, but a high-end Chinese place with $16-$20 plates.

In short, don't eat Chinese food.