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9/30/09 11:10:06AM
A Seattle Mariners analyst makes a rather bold prediction...and it comes true!

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Andrew, of Yakima, Wash., e-mailed the following: "Just a heads up on something from the Seattle Mariners game Sunday. During the pregame show, the analysts each pick a player that they think will have a good game. Analyst Mike Blowers picked Matt Tuiasosopo (son of Manu, brother of Marques) to have a good game. When the other announcers asked him to expand on that, he said, 'You know, I think he is finally going to hit his first major league home run today.' Then, jokingly, he went on to be more and more specific, saying that it would be in his second at-bat on a 3-1 count on a fastball into left-center. Incredibly, when he came up for his second at bat, he hit a 3-1 fastball into the seats in left-center for his first major league home run. It was pretty eerie -- all the announcers were pretty freaked out by it. Don't know if you can find it anywhere on the Web but it really did happen." Yes, it did.

9/30/09 12:54:34PM
That's pretty damn incredible. I might have to dial him up and get his thoughts on the Swick/Hardy fight.
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