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3/29/13 3:31:49PM
Made me cry today. RIP Crixus and Agron
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3/29/13 11:34:33PM
Yeah, sad to see it play out. I thought it was going to be on tonight and then saw it was next week. Then I thought about it and realized someone was being crucified in the preview for the Finale, so they probably didn't want to run that before Easter.
3/30/13 12:52:33AM
Series finale is going to be rough. 1960 movie ending was awesome.
3/30/13 8:13:50AM
I stopped watching after the original Spartacus actor died. How were the next few seasons with the new guy?
3/30/13 11:31:18AM
I never watched the prequel season, but it's been great all the way through. If you liked first season you'd definitely like the rest of it.
3/30/13 1:22:02PM
The last episode of the prequel was my favorite episode of the show.
3/31/13 1:46:24AM
My only problem with the series is also one of the reasons I like shows like this...I know the history and they are trying to stick to it as much as possible. If you liked the first series then you should like the rest of them as well.
4/3/13 5:30:25PM
Meeh, they killed the wrong characters. Naevia is the one who needs to die ASAP. She went from stupid slave to ultimate badass making her the Andrea (walking dead) analogous, annoying as hell. Crassus is the shit as the villain. His role is a gazillion times better than Glabber. Gannicus is the best and convinced me to check out the prequel season.
4/6/13 4:30:12AM
I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! too bad Crixus died

Massive Props

6/8/13 2:59:50PM
Glad you guys talked me into watching the rest of the series. The new actor playing Spartacus did an excellent job.

It was sad to see Gannicus and Crixus go out like they did. I had a feeling they were all gonna die, but I was hoping for a reunion scene in the afterlife. Especially for Crixus and Nevia. Same goes for Spartacus. I was really hoping to see him and his wife back together, similar to the ending of the movie Gladiator.

There were many excellent episodes, but the second to the last was one of my favorites. I really enjoyed how they had their own gladiator games, and honored Crixus.
6/9/13 1:22:36AM
They ended it amazingly! Vary few shows end they way this show did. IMO it was perfect. Sad but perfect.