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1/17/13 1:54:47PM
Hey I'm new here. Me and some friends get together about once a week and mess around sparring in grappling and boxing. I video taped our last session and made a little movie of it. The smaller guy in the hoody and yellow pants has some experience in jiu jitsu, other than that we don't have any background in martial arts. We just basically do it for fun, and because we don't have the time to join a real gym. We train in a garage with some grappling mats. So check out the video if you want, its on YouTube. There are some funny parts if anything. Like and subscribe if you enjoy it, there will be more to come.

Click on the link below, and please don't be hatin'

Sparring video 1
1/17/13 11:31:22PM
nice, better to train in the garage than not at all. also, tell Yellow Pants to shoot already.
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