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1/14/12 3:44:03AM
Hi Guys

My name is Joe and I am an MMA enthusiast from South Africa.
I have been watching the sport for many years on my PC and am glad that it has finally evolved in South Africa.

Here is my blog on MMA in South Africa if anyone is keen to check out what is happening on this side of the world.
MMA South Africa

Glad to be a part of this community.
1/14/12 5:20:44AM
Welcome to the PG forums Joe

Just ask if you have any questions about the site.
1/14/12 7:25:43AM
Hi Joe! My name is Billy Everyteen! Glad to have you here. I don't know what the rules are regarding promoting your own blog through the forums, but you may want to check with a moderator regarding that. That is, if they haven't contacted you at this point.

Having said that though, while I do know we have a member or two from South Africa, we don't get much news from that region. Hopefully you are here to play the game as well! See you around the forums
1/14/12 12:14:45PM
If you plan on actively playing the fantasy league(s), I would like to send you a fight camp invitation.

Welcome to the Playground,
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