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8/27/08 5:22:05PM
Oscar De La Hoya, boxing's biggest star, will announce Thursday that he will meet pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao on Dec. 6, two sources close to the fight told

Top Rank's Bob Arum, whose company promotes Pacquiao, would not confirm a deal was in place for what would be the year's biggest fight, but he did tell that De La Hoya would host a media teleconference at 2 p.m. ET on Thursday to announce his opponent.
8/27/08 5:27:24PM
Double win for Pacquiao... the fight and a huge purse $$$$
8/27/08 9:53:03PM
Pac is the man
8/27/08 11:48:12PM
Pac takes this!
8/28/08 2:47:57AM
Pacquiao was a natural 125 pound fighter when he got all his fame.....De La Hoya is a natural 154 pound fighter......Pacquiao's last win against Diaz was at his 130 pound debut......and now he wants to move up to almost 147 to fight DLH?....DLH should man up and fight someone his own size....

I prefer DLH vs Margarito as he promised.....Margarito really deserves a big money fight......DLH wants 70/30 of the purse in favor of himself..and i think thats should be at least 60/40......

Pacquiao needs to fight Marquez a 3rd i think Marquez won both of them slightly...

DLH/Pacquiao is a Lose/Lose for DLH...(accept for the cash of course)...but if he loses to a natural 125 pound fighter it would be a disgrace..and if he wins....well you know...he beat up a smaller man....dont get me wrong..its gonna be a war,but Margarito deserves this one in my eyes...DLH is just ducking him,but i dont blame him

If it does happen i say DLH wins it in a UD.....
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