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4/16/09 9:12:13AM
I'm going for a parly (real money). The picks for my parlay are Silva, Chuck, Kongo and Cain but don't know who to pick out of Soszynski or Stann. I'm feeling Soszynski by dec but Stann has power and Soszynski has been TKO'd 4 times.

Who would you guys say?
4/16/09 9:23:16AM
I'm not entirely sure that the stand-up will be that big of a factor. I'd be willing to say that Kryzstof has more technical and probably just as powerful stand up as Brian Stann. Kryzstof will feel it out on the feet, and then proceed to take him down and submit him in the first round. Look out for an armbar.
4/16/09 9:34:14AM
I'm taking Soszynski 1R KO/TKO. Initially I went with Stann but then I went back and re-watched TUF 8 and looked at Soszynski's record, he's got more big-time experience and the ground game to boot while Stann's WEC Title win may have been a bit of a fluke given Cantwell beat him in his next fight. Could go either way though.
4/16/09 9:39:01AM
"I've got jiu-jitsu too"-Sosyznski

Theres your answer.
4/16/09 9:58:05AM
The bet has been placed.

Total Stake- £14.42

Return- £70.35

Also placed £1.12 on each forefold parlay E.G:





Total Stake- £5.60

Potential return- £20

If I have picked all 5 fights correct it will look like this:

Total stake- £20.02

Total return- £90.35
4/16/09 10:18:50AM
i have soszynski as well
stann is al right but who has he beaten?? just cantwell in the wec
i think if sos was smart he would sub him if he tries to trade punches i think stann could knock him out
i doubt this will go 3 rounds
4/16/09 10:23:20AM
I would go with Sozynski by tko as well, probably in the 2nd. I think Stann is a bit overated and I think Krystof can match his power blow for blow. Mix in the fact that its in Canada, I think its going to be a long night for "all-american"
4/16/09 12:43:53PM
I got Krysztoff as well...

He has a lot of good training partners at team quest, so hopefully he pulls this one out by 2nd rd sub - armbar
4/16/09 1:57:11PM
I think Stann will take this matchup. He is now training with Greg Jackson's, and is sparring with guys like Rashad Evans and Keith Jardine every day. Krsystof will be no match in this fight. It jus seems like Jackson's is doing very well as of late. Mainly Rashad and GSP, but Machida is going to handily take that belt, but back to the topic....Stann has big power as it is. You mix footwork, head movement, punching precision, and serious conditioning to that, you have a very dangerous fighter. And you know he is getting all of that training at Jackson's.

Plus Krsystof has been put away from strikes a number of times. And he hangs his hands lower than Chuck does, and Greg Jackson's team has definitely figured out how to beat someone with that style of striking. I believe it will be a matter of time before Stann lands a viscious combination and puts him away.

4/16/09 4:55:19PM
Im taking Stann by KO in the 1st he throws heavy punches and has solid wrestling he wont be easy to take down!!!!
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