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POLL: Did Spranos and Entourage meet the hype??
YES 29% (2)
NO 14% (1)
Sopranos did but not Entourage 14% (1)
Entourage did but not sopranos 0% (0)
I was watching dancing w/ the stars 29% (2)
Tony should wack Bobby 14% (1)
4/9/07 3:27:37PM
what did everyone think?????
4/9/07 9:08:36PM
Whenever you get to see Tony get beat down by his brother in law on the first episode. That's always good television.

Johnny Drama always makes entourage good
4/10/07 12:24:01AM
Bobby needs to be shot in the face.
4/10/07 2:29:50AM
I love both shows but this season (this is the 2nd half of season 6) has been wierd for the Sopranos. The show just seems to flow differently. The fight saved this episode for sure.

Entourage always disappoints because I'm an idiot and forget (every week) that it's only a 1/2 hour! I love the show, but it needs to be an hour like most HBO shows
4/10/07 8:05:58AM
yes I wish they would make Entourage a hour long also its such a great show. With those striking moves maybe Bobby can enter the UFC. VICTORY!!!!!!!