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6/27/08 1:03:58AM
Think you paid too much for your Playstation 3? Investors have reason to sweat

Mario and Master Chief seen hi-fiving.
6/27/08 2:42:07AM
Wow! Scary times for PS3 owners! Im sure Resistance 2 an MGS4 will do good, But not $3 Billion worth good!

God Xbox rocks! Cant wait for GTA4 downloads either, A blu-ray player isnt everything!

Suck it sony! Thanks for the good times with the PS1/2, But just merge with microsoft already!!!

6/27/08 9:45:47AM
Other than the specific numbers this is not news to me. PS was in trouble from the release of the PS3. They just didn't have the early software support that Xbox did. They were lucky Blu-ray won the format war otherwise they would have been in real trouble. Now with the Wii picking up steam I think it's all over except for the cryin' for PS3.
6/27/08 10:42:29AM
PS3 can and will make a comeback. They just need to get the price down to $250-300. $400 is still out of my price range, even for the 40 GB that isn't backwards compatible (I can live with that over the 80 GB since I don't plan to get rid of my PS2 anytime soon).
6/27/08 12:32:48PM
I think nearly all of sony's losses will be taken care of by next year... about this time. Next year... a few months later like Novemberish i think they will finally turn a profit, the Blueray/HD market will be more of a house hold media viewer. I just think the whole thing was rushed... at any rate though HD is already the industry standard but lots of people still have regular sets in their homes, so who needs blueray if you can't get all the most out of it. Once Blueray really takes off expect to see PS3 flying off the shelves.
6/27/08 12:45:02PM
6/27/08 1:20:41PM
Sony has lots of other sources of income and once microsoft pulls their head out of their ass and gets with blu ray format(which they will have to do to compete with games that will become available on the blu ray) then sony will be getting royalties for that too. PS3 will gain ground. I love both systems so whatever it is, it is.
6/27/08 2:15:41PM
Sony was ready for the long haul with the PS3.They have stated that. Buying a new PS3 is costing people around 600 bucks.For that price you can buy a blu-Ray player alone,so they were prepared for a loss.
6/27/08 2:31:52PM
i love PS3
6/27/08 2:37:19PM
3 billion isnt much to a company like sony, sure its a dent in there side but they can make that up in no time

besides playstation 4 is coming out in 2-4 years
6/27/08 4:34:07PM
this is so easy to fix damn sony is so stupid make us PS3 owners pay 60$ a year like xbox live get those server running better and xbox has nothing over PS3 not with the games coming out this year, if they completley re-did there servers b4 the release of so-com they wouldnt have to worry about nothing
6/27/08 4:41:59PM
Yeah I think with a few of the up coming releases it will turn around pretty quickly. I know as blu ray dvd's go down in price the sales of PS3's is going up.
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