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4/14/10 6:03:54PM

I was watching Jim Rome is Burning today and his guest was Dana White! They talk most about "The Spider's performance. Dana also said that Silva's next opponent will be Chael Sonnen. I cant wait for the fight actualy, even though I was pissed at what happened. Dana also stated " If he ever does that again(sat night ref.) I will most definatly cut him. I dont care if he is the #1 P4P fighter in the world or that he is the MW Champ!!! Afully big words coming from Dana.
4/14/10 6:23:48PM
yeah i saw that, part of me wants Silva to KO him and the other part wants he to do what he has been doing so Dana will have to cut him like he said, then StirkeForce can sign him and put Fedor vs Silva!!!!!!!!!!!!

and what about Vitor?? i would rather see some one try and strike with Silva than try to take him down, look where thats got us,(Leites, Maia)
4/14/10 7:16:14PM
they said aug 7th in utah sonnen vs silva

means boston will get penn vs edgar
ken flo vs maynard i guess
4/15/10 7:09:13PM
I think Silva is going to crush Chael. His standup is always on point and has power all day. Nighty night Sonnen!
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