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POLL: who are you rooting for?
Chael Sonnen 81% (46)
Michael Bisping 19% (11)
1/17/12 6:01:18PM
2 of MMA's most hated fighters go at it for the #1 contenders match. who are you going to cheer for?
1/17/12 6:13:26PM
funny pic from sherdog (it would be epic if he busts this out at the weigh ins)

1/17/12 6:28:21PM
What a day for Chael_Sonnen not to log on.
1/17/12 6:47:31PM
hes probably fapping at the thought of the real Sonnen getting a "gimme" win for #1 contender
1/17/12 6:51:10PM
ohhh, nevermind. He has an Anderson Silva avatar so he must've lost an av bet. I'd avoid the forums too if I were him
1/17/12 7:10:02PM
I'm curious to see whose the one vote for Bisping.
1/17/12 7:53:53PM
haha it was 16 for chael and 2 for bisping after i voted chael. bisping deserves an award for having the largest number of haters.
1/17/12 7:57:30PM
There should be a third option that reads:

"I hope they knock each other out"
1/18/12 1:16:55AM

Posted by FastKnockout

I'm curious to see whose the one vote for Bisping.

I was the one for Bisping!
1/18/12 9:07:46AM
I don't really care for either fighter....but I really hate Bisping....if they knocked eachother out thatd be best....but I guess if I had to pick would be Sonnen. Hopefully he dominates in all areas of the fight.
1/18/12 9:08:35AM

Posted by Kpro

ohhh, nevermind. He has an Anderson Silva avatar so he must've lost an av bet. I'd avoid the forums too if I were him

Yeah I got my first Av Bet win against him....i figured Andy was the only way to go for him.
1/18/12 3:06:34PM
Now that I think about it bisping does have a slim chance since he has decent takedown defense and the more technical striking so maybe he could squeeze out a decision but chael is the best fighter bisping has ever fought at middleweight besides hendo because other then that he hasn't fought top 10 opposition. It's really shocking and pathetic how much he gets spoon fed but if he won here it'd def shut me up and give him atleast alil respect but he wont I just don't see it.

Chael is just too strong, tough and gritty. I use to hate him but have come to like him especially after how he easily dominated stann. Bisping doesnt hit hard enough for chael to respect him and keep off. I expect chael to walk thru his punches easily and slam him down round by round. Id love for chael to finish him but the safe bet it a easy UD.
1/18/12 3:08:51PM
Also another thought you have to remember the fight is only two weeks away and chael has been training for a hellauva better wrestler then bisping while bispings been training for a weaker slim grappler with limited stand up.

Chael has to be a 20-1 favorite I just can't see bisping winning here.
1/18/12 11:21:52PM
Sonnen is so confident right now hes a whole different fighter bisping is not ready for this type of fight
1/21/12 1:50:50AM
I got Sonnen in this fight ...... I really don't think Bisping will be very effective against Chael. Style make fights and Sonnen will smother Bisping and sub his ass by the 2nd round.
1/21/12 8:27:33AM
I expect Sonne to win, but I'd be gob smacked if Sonnen subbed Bisping.
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