A Song To Make The Cowboys Fans Feel Better...And Avatar Bet

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9/29/08 6:34:59AM
Hail To The Redskins! Hail Victory! Braves On The Warpath, FIGHT FOR ALL D.C.!

Sorry, but what a win that was yesterday. HAIL SKINS!

Edit: This has turned into a 6 month avatar bet on the rematch later this season between myself and hippysmacker. If Washington wins, hippy sports a Redskins logo av for 6 months. If Dallas wins, I sport a Cowboys av for 6 months (horrors!).
9/29/08 7:01:35AM
9/29/08 11:06:04AM
cowboys may have lost but well sewe what yall say in jamuary when we get ring number 6
9/29/08 3:01:49PM
Hail to the C......wait never mind, My colts suck this year :(
9/30/08 3:25:33AM
Hey DC,since you are so eager to rub it in when your team wins, how bout a Av bet when we rematch later this year? Nothing degrading or gay. Say 6 months of the loser wearing the winners Team logo? This one will even be in Washington, so I can't see why you would turn it down. Let me know.
9/30/08 6:48:33AM
Stepping the rivalry up a notch, eh? Sounds fair enough. Anything to make it more fun and show why it's still the best rivalry in the NFL.
9/30/08 9:04:45AM
done deal
9/30/08 9:06:47AM
god, the redskins do this every year, great the first park of the season, get really cocky, and fold in the middle, then make a comeback in the end.

dear god, change the story.
9/30/08 10:25:30PM
ill take the cowboys in a rematch if anyone else is brav enough
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