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3/25/10 6:18:13PM
I was just reading a few topics and suddenly this idea exploded in my mind like a Fourth of July firework show in the middle of a rave held inside of a disco ball (Ya I know, Amazing), or maybe those Acid Hits just kicked in, Im not sure but either way it doesnt matter.

This Solution solves 3 1/2 issues that just came up recently in the UFC.

-"Hey!!! Lil White Rabbit, you and your Purple Elephant friend over there, take your exploding rainbows and get the hell out. What?! No, I dont want to Taste the Rainbow, just get the F' Outta My House! Damn, the nerve of some people."- Anyways, where was I.

1.Anderson's desire to test the waters at Heavy Weight.
1/2. Andersons desire to box...
2.Toney's UFC debut. (Uh huh, I am going there)
3.How best, the UFC, can milk that Cash Cow

-"Ooooo talking Banana ... Oh, and you dance, Niiiicce."-

Anderson wants to Box, UFC just signed a Boxer.
Anderson would like to fight at HW, Toney is a HW plus he is one of the Smaller to Medium HW's which is perfect for someone testing the HW waters.

-"KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! I thought I told you both to leave. NO, little banana, Im not letting em in... NO! Damn it, I dont care if its your birthday, they aint gettin back in. KNOCK! KNOCK! Get The Hell Out Of Here!!!"-

Anderson is an MMA Champ and Toney was a championship Boxer.
Toney wants to fight the best (plus he wants a striker), Anderson is the best (and a striker)
Toney only wants to fight if he is the Main Event, this fight = Main Event (duh)
UFC wants to cash in on Toney, this would be a super, mega, mega, $PPV$.

Plus it give the UFC two excuses, to protect its investmen... fighters (excuse me). If Toney loses, no big deal everyone loses to A. Silva. If Silva loses (which i doubt he would) he lost a fight two weight classes higher then his own. Which may not be the best excuse but it would help ease the Insanity that would ensue.

So, What does everyone think? Is it the most, insanely stupid, perfect idea? Or is it the acid gettin to me? -"Go little buddy. Dance that A$$ off, Get down with yo fruity, funky self"-

I'm actually a little intrigued by this fight and woul...

-"KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Thats it, I'm Breaking those tusks off that Stupid, F'n head of yours, and after I shish-kabob that lil Rabbit im shovin it all up that fat purpl... What? You Brought Beer? SHUT UP little Banana Im thinking about it. MMMMMM, I dont kno... Huh? And weed!... Alright but leave those freaky A$$ rainbows outside, those things were making me Paranoid"-

Gotta Go.

-"Go Banana, Go, Go, Go. Go Banana Its Yer BirfDay, We goin Party like its Yer Birfday... Hell yeah. Hey Purple, Puff, Puff, Pass Man. Damn, and for the last time I aint gonna beer bong out your trunk. Dude that S**T's just crazy. Damn Rabbit, slow down on those beers man, I think you might have a drug problem or somethin. Hey Banana cut me a line too,... "-
3/25/10 7:14:43PM
Great read, props to you sir. As for the fight......I wouldnt; mind seeing anderson triangle Toney unconscious!
3/27/10 2:32:06PM
i love it!!! not bad idea eitha! silva by massive flying knee-spinning back fist-spinning back elbow finish!!


good work mr banana!!
3/27/10 3:19:13PM
3/27/10 3:29:54PM
not a bad idea, but I think if anything a victory over Toney would just make Silva want to fight Roy Jones even more.
3/27/10 7:55:48PM
Brilliant idea.
One Dana and the boys at Zuffa have probably considered.
The payoff is tremenous but the backlash could be as well.
Either way,it makes a lot of money.
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