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3/19/08 8:07:07PM
This is the most solid non UFC PRIDE event held in the US.Frank Shamrock, Cung Le, Jake Shields, Drew Fickett, Gilbert Melendez, Villasenor, Cyborg, and Nick Diaz. Can anyone else think of a better card top to bottom. Some of the ROTR's come to mind.
3/19/08 8:51:29PM
It is a very good card. I'm really looking forward to seeing Shamrock vs Cung Lee
3/19/08 10:15:27PM
Great card I always like to see a Nick Diaz fight,and Lee vs Shamrock should be alright; I just think Shamrock will expose cung lees weakness on the ground relativly easily,but the rest of the card is pretty sweet.
3/19/08 11:46:34PM
Again i agree I am also a big Nick Diaz fan and I am looking forward to seeing him get back to his winning ways 209 LOL
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