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10/5/12 6:46:10AM
Sad Story

A former US soldier is suing the US government for 10 million over an amputated penis. Disabling him from having sex and taking a piss like a normal guy.

Id be suing for a SHIT TON more
10/5/12 9:20:12AM
On the plus side it's going to need re-constructive surgery. He can be like, yeah well it was 13 inches before so I won't accept anything less or I'll sue for more.

Mind you he could just end up with the equivalent of a 13" numb rubber dildo between his legs.
10/5/12 10:08:38AM
I sense a new world record: longest time having sex without ejaculating. He could go for days

but seriously that sucks. I'd sue for much more for taking away my manhood
10/5/12 10:35:27AM
Absolutely terrible. I want to make a joke but this is just too terrible. I don't know what I would do in that situation
10/5/12 10:49:20AM
10 million??

shit, have my dick..
10/5/12 2:11:08PM
it was done by the VA (veterans administration), i have VA health insurence. they are hands down the most fucked up insurance i have ever seen. it doesnt cost me any money so you would think that i shouldnt bitch about it, but when i have to wait 2 MONTHS to see a doctor it makes the insurance almost worthless. by the time i can see a doctor i will be pretty much healed of whatever was ailing me. i would be willing to pay monthly for other insurance just so i have usable health care. sorry for the rant but seeing this happen to a fellow military member AFTER they gave up at piece of their life for their country i almost fuckin lost it.
10/5/12 2:56:48PM
If he goes gay he could have butt orgasms...... just sayin

10/5/12 6:47:29PM
Fuck. I love my penis. If it was removed I'd make MrsSpidersilva go backdoor on me.

I want to see if she reads this post lol
10/6/12 7:27:05AM

Posted by 187

10 million??

shit, have my dick..

I'll give you ten bucks for it.

On topic, I feel horrible for the guy. No amount of money can fix that. I can't even imagine.
10/8/12 4:40:59PM
I rather be this guy and have a bionic pecker. He doesn't know how lucky he is.