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2/12/08 2:16:00PM
And apparently he doesn't have any now towards Ryoto (Lyoto) Machida based on Machida's post-fight comments at UFC 79.

2/12/08 2:33:42PM
that was hardly somthin' to whine about.
2/12/08 2:42:13PM
well he does need to train harder, tons of potential i knew lyoto was a bad fight for him but he needs to work on more than just knockout skills, glover ko'd him pretty easily so maybe he needs more chin training lol
2/12/08 2:47:27PM

Posted by DustinT

that was hardly somthin' to whine about.

I know and agree. I don't recall Machida saying anything all that bad.

Besides, isn't this a little in the past to still be "worked up" over?
2/12/08 3:00:57PM
He had nothing to get worked up about. He's still a young fighter and shouldn't resort to these means to get his name in the internet news.
2/12/08 3:08:55PM
Maybe Sokoudjou should worry about his cardio, standup, top control and arm triangle defense more than what Machida said after he pistol whipped him.
2/12/08 4:37:11PM
it is his own fault for having such a crappy nickname

BTW: he's just trying to heat up things to get a rematch later, hope he loses his next one, never liked this guy OR
2/12/08 4:59:21PM
Sokoudjou = bad loser

More like Sulky djou
2/12/08 5:01:59PM
He said he has no respect for him not that he wants to kill him so i think we need to reevaluate who needs to calm down and get over it.
2/12/08 5:06:42PM
OMG, I call Kendall Grove the TUF 4 stepping stone and I doubt if he heard it he'd start getting all worked up about it.

Soko should focus more on his skills then trying to get a rematch with Machida, especially after Machida owned him. IMO I still consider him a luck puncher with a weak chin until he KO's somebody in the UFC. Maybe use his judo a little more like Karo does.
2/12/08 8:49:26PM
i dont think hes upset about him saying hes the african killer but cuz he told him 2 go back 2 africa to train his karate ... i think it was a racial slur ... am i the only one who recalls ? lol
2/13/08 5:37:52PM
I don't remember hearing anything bad coming from Lyoto Machida mouth either.
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