10/18/08 5:25:35AM
Few fighters have had a better burst onto the mixed martial arts scene than Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. He had just three professional fights before debuting at Pride 33 against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Nogueira was a heavy favorite coming into that bout. Sokoudjou at that time was 2-1 and had just lost his first bout to Glover Teixeira at WEC 24.

In less than a minute, after a brief exchange, Sokoudjou landed a left that knocked down Nogueira. “The African Assassin” jumped on the opportunity and knocked him out cold with a follow up punch. Instantly, everyone was very excited to see him fight again. Fans wanted to see if this was simply a “lucky punch” or if he was the real deal.

Fans would soon find out as Sokoudjou was slated to fight Ricardo Arona - another Top 10 light heavyweight at the time. Once again, to the surprise of everyone, Sokoudjou finished Arona in less than a round.

All of a sudden, with two straight wins over Top 10 opponents, Sokoudjou found himself in everyone’s Top 1 rankings. After knocking out the aforementioned fighters, Pride dissolved and was purchased by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Negotiations progressed and Sokoudjou signed with the UFC to add more depth to their already stacked 205-pound division.

10/18/08 12:27:33PM
Unfortunately I think Luiz Cane is going to tko Sokoudjou.
10/18/08 1:36:34PM
i doubt it
10/18/08 1:59:32PM
It'd be great to see that he's not because I tend to lean on the side that says he very well could be. This is a great test for him since Luiz Cane is an aggressive brutal Muay Thai fighter that has just as must of a chance to win as Soko does. I think it's whoever lands the first big blow will win. Either Luiz will be too aggressive and Soko will catch him coming in, drop him and finish him or Luiz could land the first big blow coming in and rock Soko and then finish him.

I got Luiz 1st RD TKO. In boxing I always lean towards the counter puncher and the dude with the most technique, but with MMA being hit with a 4 ounce glove is different so I got to go with the aggressor. but good luck to Soko. Should be a very exciting slugfest.
10/18/08 2:03:27PM
I think if he got some wrestlers thrown at him, he'd put together a nice string of wins.
10/18/08 2:03:42PM
This fight is going to come down to who can out brawl the other one. Both guys hit hard as hell, but on the few occasions that people have been willing to stand and trade with Soko it's always been bad for them.

I picked one way then the other on this fight but I think Soko's natural ability and strength will be too much for Cane.

Feel free to quote me and tell me I'm wrong tomorrow
10/18/08 3:11:36PM
With Sokou only being 24, his future looks good. With his ever-evolving game, he'll continue to improve from fight to fight. He needs to keep working on his wrestling and JJ. With a black-belt in Judo and his great striking, and considering how many wins by (T)KO Cane has, this fight will more than likely stay standing and provide fireworks for us all. I'll try not to blink, and I urge everyone else to do the same.
10/19/08 1:05:09AM
This fight f*cked me on my parlay. I should've never changed my pick. Once again it bites me in the ass.
10/19/08 3:11:49AM
Sokoudjou let me down i expected more out of him, with his Muy Thai & Judo skills if he can work on his conditioning he will be a future champ
10/19/08 5:26:59AM
Cane is a beast!

He didn't look in trouble for one second last night.
10/19/08 5:49:24AM
Cane did just what I thought he would do and that's let Sokoudjou gas out and then attack. Cane doesn't get near the respect he should. But I bet you he gets some now.
10/19/08 7:14:20AM

Posted by telnights

Cane did just what I thought he would do and that's let Sokoudjou gas out and then attack. Cane doesn't get near the respect he should. But I bet you he gets some now.

I hope he does too.

He needs to fight a contender next.

Jardine maybe ?
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