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12/24/07 1:37:13PM
personally i like machida cause he's such a intelligent fighter and a sneaky lil fuker but soukoudjou is explosive and hits hard so i picked sokoudjou cause i see him bringing the fight to machida instead of letting machida throw kicks and a couple of jabs then dissappear

what do you guys think
12/24/07 5:42:33PM
I want Soko, he just seems more exciting to watch...I love a 3 round war and all, but if 80% of your career goes to decision, then your doing something wrong IMO. I would also like to see the Soko star keep rising so that he can fight some other big names. I personally think his next fight should be Houston regardless of a W or an L! But if he wins it will most likely be someone with a larger name.
12/29/07 8:03:32PM
Who cares how he wins? Machida wins fights, period. His main style of karate is basically a defensive one, which is a style he seems to have mastered. He may not finish his opponents but he beats the crap out of all of them. It's not his fault that David Heath didn't get knocked out by the 8 knees to the head in a row he delivered.

Also, if you notice when watching any of his fights, when someone gets aggressive with Machida, they usually end up paying for it. Ask Rich Franklin or Stephan Bonnar what happened when they tried it. Machida is going to make Soko pursue him, tire him out in the first round and then capitalize on a mistake in the second. Machida 2nd round TKO, because I think Soko's style will force him to finish him.
12/30/07 3:42:00AM
Lyoto made Sokoudjou look like he doesn't belong in the UFC. Funny thing is, it's still kinda hard to assess where he's at cuz Machida makes everyone look silly.
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