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POLL: who would win
Sokodjou 39% (13)
Vera 61% (20)
10/19/08 6:03:41PM
i think it should be next for both, with the loser going to a smaller org for a bit..
to bad it wouldn't be WEC though....
10/19/08 6:16:13PM
it really wouldnt bother me if they both disapear
10/19/08 6:20:02PM
i think both are overrated by a mile !!

i don't even want to see them fighting soon, they both need to completely change the way they train and fight.

but to answer your question i would say Soko would win.

10/19/08 6:21:25PM
Soko really isnt that difficult to beat imo
he came out and made a name for himself by being quick....but its obvious all you have to do it let him tire HIMSELF out and he's fair game after that.
Avoid and counter for a bit and then have at um.

i'd take Vera.
10/19/08 7:09:01PM
I'll pray for a double KO so both would get released.

But assuming they'll look like they did last night, I'd take Vera by Decision landing some crappy combinations on rounds 2 and 3 on a gassed Soko.
10/19/08 7:42:49PM
i agree this is a perfect fight for them, and the loser leaves town. i like vera but it might be close as neither guy seems to have anything in the gas tank. if vera can stop the early onslaught he wins.
10/19/08 8:03:11PM
Well WEC no longer has a 205 division.

But after ufc 89, this fight sounds like a snoozer, but it could be just what one of the fighters need. One of them get a KO and get their confidence back unless they play conservative.
10/19/08 10:21:04PM
would be a good match up, but imo both would gas. I think it just depends on who will have the best conditioning and who can swing the most without getting tired. My pick would be Vera by either yet another decision or gnp in the 2nd or 3rd round. overall a very terrible fight
10/19/08 10:35:08PM
Would be a good matchup. Soko would probably wear himself out again with Vera claiming a 2nd round TKO. Not to say that Cane was a fluke. I have been a supporter of Bahna since he started. I think Soko needs some more time in the octagon before we totally put him on the back burner!!!
10/19/08 10:39:47PM
Vera has a decent chin. Hed weather the first round storm then just pick soko apart for the remaining rounds either tkoing him late of scoring a UD.
10/20/08 12:06:04AM
think if lil nog had beat soko dana wouldve signed him instead?

ah, aint it crazy how shit works out
10/20/08 12:13:13AM
Soko by predator mask
10/20/08 1:22:36AM
Im kinda hoping Soko gets booted so we can see a Nogueira vs Soko 2. And also i enjoy seeing Vera lose.

But to answer about Vera vs Soko. Id pick Soko in a UD. Soko wont need to do much bullying in the first round against Vera to win the round and the second round hell blow whats left of his gas tank and probably win the round and securing a 29-28 UD.
10/20/08 10:43:22AM
Brandon Vera is overrated, I want Soko on this one.
10/20/08 1:01:37PM
Vera..since Soko tank doesn't last him take long..and i think Vera got jipped in the Jardine fight...
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