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3/16/08 12:05:21PM
just went to and it not part of the main card theyre showing gouveia vs reljic and thiago silva vs antonio mendes instead. Pretty miserable i was really lookin forward to this fight.
3/16/08 12:46:51PM

Posted by JuggaloWarrior878

just went to and it not part of the main card theyre showing gouveia vs reljic and thiago silva vs antonio mendes instead. Pretty miserable i was really lookin forward to this fight.

Eh, as far as im concerned, neither of these fighters have shown their best stuff... and putting them on the main card really doesn't make too much sense.. and don't be too bumed bro, chances are we get a quick KO in once of the fights and you may just see this fight yet... also if that fails, im sure someone on here will have it uploaded so you can props them for that

EDIT: upon further inspection of the card... i am disappointed however in that Silva Vs Antonio Mendes is on the Main Card... but whatever... Could be a good fight
3/16/08 1:24:22PM
Both looked horrible in there last fight. Neither have proven themselves and I agree 100% with this decision.

Thiago Silva and his opponent are known for finishing there fights, Thiago finishes his rather quickly. Plus Thiago is an up and coming exciting fighter so that fight will definitely have fireworks and be more entertaining then this fight. Soko is just a bust.

Who knows though, if Thiago finishes this fight early like I know he will, this could be a swing bout if Soko proved he's not all luck and gets the quick KO which I don't see happening. I don't see this fight being exciting at all and actually see Nakamura KOing Soko or winning a lackluster decision.

The UFC is finally doing things right!!!
3/16/08 1:34:02PM
both silva and gouveia are on winning streaks so they deserve to be on the main card over soko/naku
3/16/08 4:46:01PM
Hopefully they change things and put it on the main card. Or, failing that, it's a quick fight they show anyway.
3/16/08 5:14:12PM
yeah thiago, wilson fights are going to be better than soko's fight.
3/16/08 6:27:56PM
You have got to be shittin me. Why couldn't they just put Wilson and Thiago together, and have Mendez and Goran fight eachother on the undercard.

I tell you, UFC reminds me alot of the WWE, with their line ups. They like to put fighters which they think they can market as Big Stars in squash matches to build them up...instead of offering competetive matches. The only problem is, WWE have shows every week so they can do this...UFC has a PPV per month, making the process ilogical.

Dana White has said in the past that the the difference between boxing and UFC is that when you order a UFC PPV you get five great matches...well, it doesn't work that way when you put on squash matches.

I was a supporter of Koschek and Diego being on the undercard due to their opponents...the same should go to Thiago and Wilson.
3/16/08 6:36:09PM
Soku has potential to be exciting, but looked really stale getting beat on by Machida. Nakamura is never a particularly exciting fighter. Effective yes, but not wildly exciting to watch. I can understand their fights not being on the main card.

Also, Dana may be thinking that Soku might have lost his confidence after his beating from Machida, and is perhaps reckoning that an undercard fight will take the pressure off him and let him get his fire back. Also, if the fight does turn out to be a stinker, then at least 450,000 PPV buyers didnt have to sit and watch it while a great fight happened on the undercard.
3/16/08 10:44:26PM
Sok looked bad next to Machida. Who hasn't? BJ looked good cuz it was such a move up for him (weight wise) Machida makes everyone look bad, that's why he's so good. That's why even as a decision machine he'll be given his chance. Sok has more potential, i think, than say... Gouviea. None of us really knwo right nwo, but that's what I think.
3/16/08 11:03:27PM
Soko is only 23 he will be 24 by the time his next fight happens. He is by far a great prospect for the UFC and need to hold on to him with all their might. He can be champion in about 4 years even in the stacked LHW division. Training with Team Quest, Amazing Judo, great knock out power, very good take down defense hes def. a guy that needs to just get his nerves.

I think the Machida fight was too much for him and all the press he was getting coming off two knock outs of top 10 guys I think Soko cracked under the pressure. What 23 year old wouldn't tho? He had alot put on him and I personally think he can and will beat Nakamura and once his UFC jitters are out LHW division.

I also want to thank the person who thought of calling him Soko. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou is WAY too hard. Every word in his name is impossible to spell correctly so amen to the person who gave him that nick name who ever you are out there God Bless You!
3/17/08 6:49:52AM
I freakin knew that would happen.

I was really wanting to watch that fight too.
3/17/08 12:40:15PM
Thiago 3 UFC fights = 3 KO

Soko+Nakamura (combined) = 2 loses looking bad against Machida...
Hopefully Nak can submit him to finally get rid of his hype.

ding ding ding ... Who deserves main card??
3/17/08 8:37:06PM
I really hope that we get to see this fight. Soku will either finish the fight early or most likely lose if it goes the distance. Have they ever met in a Judo match? If so a link would be greatly appreciated.
3/18/08 1:35:32AM
Soku looked like crap against Machida,but I think he will rebound with a KO, I hope they show it.
3/18/08 1:42:18AM
The other fights are much more exciting on paper.

And if Soko/Naka somehow ends up exciting? They will show it.
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