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12/11/08 8:51:03AM
too much about 5 dews a day
12/11/08 10:00:35AM
maybe a 2 liter a week.
12/11/08 10:33:29AM
Maybe 5 cans a week... I usually drink it in the morning at work instead of coffee if I'm really thirsty... But don't really drink it at home...

But I guess the GF and I started buying diet soda, which I never liked, but it's starting to grow on me... So I guess I'll drink a few more now a days...

And I just discovered Green Tea Ginger Ale, whch tastes really good... Shit, looks like I'm back on the soda wagon
12/11/08 11:58:37AM
Pepsi is the greatest drink ever. I drink entirely too much. At least a liter a day.
12/11/08 12:12:18PM
I have only drank like 4 cans of soda in over 2 years. I drink mostly water and chocolate milk. I just started a training program for college soccer and the only thing we are supposed to drink is water and green tea.
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