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POLL: Do you care about the Eagles 2008 soccer season?
Heck, yea! I'll read every post when season begins 14% (1)
Not really but good luck 0% (0)
WTF? Don't bother posting 14% (1)
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Don King would be interested if corruption and money was involved. 29% (2)
I Hate Don King 43% (3)
8/4/08 5:48:14AM
I really didnt know if this belonged in Off Topic or here but I chose here cause maybe it would be more appriciated in a fitness aspect.

Ok, this will be my senoir year at school and I have been on my soccer team for the past three years. Our team has had the biggest turnover in the past.
Our record
My Freshman year- 0-7
My Sophmore year- 4-5
My Junoir year- 7-1-1 (we lost our last game to a school with prob over 5x the students as our school)

Anyways, being in a small private school, we were never in an actual soccer league. Finally this year, we will be in one due to our record and the schools investment in a regulation size soccer field.
This year is really important as its both my last year and LesnarLover (who is also on the team if any of you remember him.) We start our camp this week for conditioning and I am really pumped for this season. We prob will be hosting the playoffs and that makes it more important we get in.
Though all the teams seem to be people we have destroyed last year, we lost a lot of senoirs last year and will need to make this team prepared to do just as well.

I just posted this to give you guys a heads up on what I'm doing in the fall besides submission grappling and when the season begins Ill make a new thread telling the results to all my games. So I doubt anyone will read but it helps me cause I really need to pretend someone cares about how our season goes.

WAR Eagles
8/4/08 6:34:26AM
I'm with ya pal, you post it I will read it.

Good Luck this year WAR!
8/4/08 7:27:53AM
By the way, here was last years schedule

2007 High School Soccer Record 7-1-1

Evangel Heights (Home) 5-2 Win
Hornets (Away) 3-3 Tie
Evangel Heights (Away) 5-1 Win
Western PA School for the Deaf (Home) 5-2 Win
Cambria County (Home) 4-0 Win
Western PA School for the Deaf (Away) 4-0 Win
First Bapist (Home) 9-1 Win
Hornets (Home) 6-0 Win
Portersville (Away) 0-5 Lose

This year should be more exciting as we will have a tournament at the end of the season for the best teams rather than what last year was which was pretty much getting any school that would play us./
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