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10/18/07 6:09:29PM

im not a hugh soccer fan but i can watch this all day
10/18/07 6:49:44PM
Ya thats some funny stuff!!! I seen it before and must have watched it about 20 times.It happend me and my friends a few times but usually of the crossbar and never as perfect as that.
10/19/07 3:44:33AM
hahah mad props for this one
10/19/07 8:31:39AM
BAHAHAHAHAHA. Man i woke up like 10 mins ago lol. This video is the first thing i saw today lol. Thanks man freakin funny. P-ROPS
10/19/07 1:16:42PM
I couldn't find the top ten own goals I saw on TSN the other day, but this was almost as funny.

Own Goals
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