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10/28/08 12:27:11PM
Ed Soares talks about Anderson Silva's fight with Patrick Cote.

On Anderson Silva's performance...

"I could tell you that if Patrick Cote’s knee wouldn’t have went out in the 3rd round, we wouldn’t even be talking about this. The gameplan was to feel him out. Everyone knows that Cote has heavy hands; even we knew that. He’s got heavy hands so Anderson wasn’t going to go in there and get into an exchange and try to land first. Hey, Patrick Cote has heavy hands and he could take a good shot. I don’t think there is too many fighters out there that would have been able to take the shots that Patrick took from Anderson Silva and keep coming."

"Anderson felt like he broke him at the end of the 2nd round when he had him in the clinch kneeing him to the ribs. He walked into the 3rd round telling his coaches, “I got him now. I broke him!” He was planning on finishing the fight in the 3rd round; that’s what they trained for. They trained to feel him out for a round or two and try to take advantage of any opportunity. Patrick Cote was pretty good at not creating any opportunity for Anderson to capitalize on so Anderson started to enforce his game."

"He’s had such dominant performances that people just think he should just walk through people and if he doesn’t finish them in the first or second round, then they say what they want to say. You can’t control the media."

On Silva's future plans...

"Anderson still wants to fight the best. I like Patrick Cote as a person. He’s a good dude and I like him, but him being a good person has nothing to do with...I just want to see him fight the best. I’ll just leave it as that."

His thoughts on EliteXC going out of business...

"I was sad. I was bummed out, but nothing seems to surprise me anymore. You can’t really hold your breath with anything now, especially with the country being the way it is with the economy and all of these different people. I sit there and I’m still a little bamboozled how Pro Elite went through 55 million dollars in 18 months. How do you go 55 million dollars in debt in a time where MMA is accepted?"

"I’m upset that the organization went out of business. It’s a shame for all of the fighters out there and it’s a shame for managers because that’s just less options that we have, but maybe some of these organizations will pay closer attention to what the UFC is doing because they're obviously running their ship pretty tight."

More on Anderson Silva, Junior Dos Santos, Antonio Noguiera, Lyoto Machida and some other stuff in the full interview:

10/28/08 1:16:16PM
He did put some solid knees to Cotes ribs.
10/28/08 4:41:14PM
Patrick looked fine IMO. He definitely did not have that look of desperate that Rich had when he got hit with those knees. An immediate rematch is probably not necessary but we'll see.
10/28/08 4:45:42PM
I don't think Cote was even close to being broken, he was smilling the whole time so. It was a poor performance from Silva and t hink he knowns it so i feel sorry for the next guy he figths cause he is going to be killing someone lol
10/28/08 4:46:06PM
he would have knocked him out in the third, cote did nothing, silva didn't get hit and landed a few nice shots, cote was fighting not to lose and delaying the inevitable. I lost respect for cote when he was fired up just to make it to the third, like he earned it.
10/28/08 5:29:47PM
Looks like there's a war of words going on now between Cote and Anderson, from Cote's "I F'd him up" (granted I think he was intoxicated at the time) and Anderson's "I broke him" it looks like speculation and a heated exchange of words might force a rematch (ugh!).

I don't think Cote was broken, and I don't think Cote F'd him up. Both fighters looked fresh. The third round might as well have been the beginning of the first.

I do think Anderson was ready to open it up, but as thispoint all you can do is speculate. Odds are though that Cote was about to catch some shut-eye.
10/28/08 6:35:28PM
Patrick looked perfect, rather then his busted up leg
10/28/08 7:04:35PM
You know I was just going back through Cote's fights and with all of this "huge power" talk, he only has 2 actual KO's, with 4 TKO's, and the McFedries TKO was questionable. Sure he has rocked Scott Smith and I guess kind of rocked Tito but I would rather get hit by Cote then trading with Hendo(5KO's 5TKO's), who has KO'd some of the toughest guys in the world today. I dunno about all this huge power talk, I haven't seen a ton of it.
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