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3/11/09 2:37:38AM
He's regarded by many as the No. 2 welterweight fighter in the UK, behind Dan Hardy yet he fell short in making the cast of The Ultimate Fighter 9: U.S. v. U.K.

That has Brit Jimmy Wallhead in a surly mood especially when youngsters like Tom Egan are calling out bigger names in the UFC. Egan, an Irishman, lost in his UFC debut against John Hathaway at UFC 93.

For some reason, Egan is now calling out Dan Hardy. Wallhead trains with Hardy and told MMAUnlimited he isn't happy with Egan's attitude:

3/11/09 2:55:51AM
#2 ww in the uk? i seem to recall that semtex fella...
3/11/09 10:30:36AM
Jim vs Egan wouldnt even be competitve, Egan would be absolutly destroyed. I was actually told the reason he didnt get on tuff was becouse he was already to skilled/experienced. Although that could just be some B.S from his fans who where annoyed he didnt make it. Egan needs to realise hes only in the UFC becouse hes Irish and they wanted a homer on the card in Ireland, talent wise hes nowhere near the level or hardy or Wallhead.
3/11/09 11:42:41AM
Idk much about the guy. But he lost to dennis siver.

But good luck with the whole calling out UFC WW's, not.
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