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11/8/11 12:30:53PM
Throughout the Side Game forum, you may see mentioned what is referred to as a "Snake Draft". Below you will find a brief description of a Snake Draft along with a few other standard rules for the majority of side games here on



EXAMPLE: If there are 3 players:

Player 1 gets first pick in Round 1
Player 2 gets second pick in Round 1
Player 3 gets third pick in Round 1 and the first pick in Round 2
Player 2 gets fifth pick (or the 2nd pick in Round 2)
Player 1 gets the sixth pick (or the 3rd pick in Round 2) and seventh pick (the 1st pick in Round 3)

And so on...

It's a draft where the positions flip flop every round. For example, if someone drafts first during the very first round, they'll draft last the following round, then they'll draft first again in the next round, and so on.



In general (most side games on MMAPlayground), you usually have 12 hours to make your selection unless otherwise indicated by the creator of the game. If your 12 hour window expires before you make your selection, play then moves on to the next person and you are able to catch up when you log back in. In an instance where you fail to log back in before your turn comes up again, you will *not* have a 12 hour window for a 2nd missed pick.
11/8/11 12:53:01PM
Thanks, Jay. I did make a few changes and also added some things. If anyone can think of anything else that should be added, let me know.

11/10/11 6:29:48PM
O'Doyle Rules
1/25/12 1:43:36AM
2/23/12 8:51:50PM
Can we add a rule that if any player is involved in a game that has a draft, they take the small amount of time to PM the player that picks behind them to keep the drafts running smoother?

Maybe not so much a rule involving penalties, just a Gentleman's Agreement among us as players to help the game run smoother.
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