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4/27/07 1:05:24PM
Ok what the hell are these ones, and when would you ever use them?!....

4/27/07 1:17:01PM
= lets be friends lol
= sigh or "......" Pointless
= pwned or shooting... lol
= Your whipped..
4/27/07 9:36:21PM
I think the group one should be 'group hug'

I think the one with the sign is, I quiet, but I don't like it.
4/29/07 11:17:35AM

= group sloop
= pause in speech to let you know something dumb or awkward has been said
= Svartom icon
= Kinky stuff
4/29/07 11:42:14AM

Posted by madmarck

= group sloop
= pause in speech to let you know something dumb or awkward has been said
= Svartom icon
= Kinky stuff

..=...Group hug...

....=.....You're an idiot..dont talk to me


....=....meh..Boring..not interested
5/1/07 9:59:41AM

= Billy the kid and indy see red
and kill a bunch of hippies
5/1/07 5:29:56PM
Straying off topic a bit (which I assume is ok since this is the Locker Room), I was gazing at all of the records of the people in this thread since we all have pretty close records to eachother. I think it's strange how they calculate the "Season Rank" in relation to the "Career Record". I know there's a giant thread about this topic but look at all of us here in this thread... I think the "Season Ranks" should be different.

There's MehodMan who I think should have the best "Season Rank" out of all of us even though he bet on a couple less fights than us.

Then there's Shackle who shouldn't be that far off from me since his record is almost identical to mine, yet his "Season Rank" is almost double mine. I think his rank should be much better than that considering his record.

And there's Madmarck who has an identical record to mine but I guess due to the "Hot Bouts" I get a better record than him. I don't know if that is fair.

Finally, I somehow missed betting on two fights which means I will never ever get to a great "Season Rank" since my total bets aren't complete. I wish we could do some kind of a catch-up betting round to solve that.

What are your thoughts on the scoring?

I guess this would be a good time to use one of the stupid pointless icons for no reason...

There did that Smilie do anything for my post or what?! LOL
5/3/07 4:16:49AM
I came a month late to the party, so who knows where I would be if I had bet on the first two events. My current form at least gives me hope that I may do well next season, if only my real fight record was as impressive.
5/3/07 4:30:47AM
now this one is classic