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9/2/12 6:27:43PM posted a graph that I found interesting.

What do you guys think? Does a smaller cage really help with more finishes when it comes down to the lighter weight fighters?
9/2/12 6:48:54PM
Interesting. I would like to see what events took place in the small cage verses what events took place in the larger cage. I know the larger cage is used in larger arenas. It might be a bit of a stretch, but you could say the bigger name fights(elite fighters) are placed on cards which take place in the larger arenas. Two elite fighters competing often ends in a decision. So, bigger cage = bigger arena = bigger names = decisions. A bit of a stretch, but I'm sure it has an effect on the numbers.
9/2/12 7:12:17PM
From that chart, it certainly looks like it.
I think if you took the cage and expanded it further, there would be even less finishes. Just like if you made it smaller, the finish rate would go up.
9/2/12 7:14:44PM
I agree, less running around forces the smaller guys to engage.
9/2/12 7:28:38PM
It makes perfect sense. Look at what happened to Eduardo Dantas. He's been in Bellator, which seemingly has huge dimensions for it's cage. He's looked awesome in Bellator. Yet against Tyson Nam in Brazil, IN A TINY RING, he got KTFO. He was doing good, and it looked like he landed his flying knee. He didn't have the room to dart in and out like he has been in Bellator though, and he got caught with his hands down.

(btw not trying to make excuses for "dudu" losing, just thought it kind of fits the discussion)
9/2/12 11:32:25PM
I thought this was common knowledge.

Cool nonetheless.
9/3/12 2:16:38AM

Posted by State_Champ

I thought this was common knowledge.

Cool nonetheless.

Pretty much is it's just nice to see some numbers supporting it.
9/3/12 2:25:29AM
if you want them to fight in a phone booth then watch street fights, as far as Im concerned this is a sport and not a cockfight. A finish is a finish.
9/3/12 3:20:07AM
this is a very interesting chart. it also makes me miss the WEC days.