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8/7/08 2:03:29PM
I was listening to this guy last night on the Scott Farrell show on Sirius, he was a boxing guy for SI (can't remember his name) and when asked about MMA he said he didn't think it would last due to the superstars being at the end of their careers. The only guys he could name was Couture and Liddell, sure you could add Hughes and Tito maybe some more. But then he says there are no guys coming up to fill the void, I tried to call in and talk about guys like Shogun GSP Anderson, Alves T Silva, but couldn't get through. It just jacks me when a so called expert of boxing is so ignorant to MMA then tries to discount the sport.

The Boxing MMA feud, if you want to call it that, is dumb I love them both and they can feed off each other if they would all just stop trying to put the screws to one another.

That’s all thanks for your time!
8/7/08 2:27:40PM
i see your frustration that woulda made me mad to man. but i agree on the part you say they discount our sport theyll see tho at ufc 10894 well see if they say itll last or not
8/7/08 2:32:52PM
The funny part is most of boxings biggest stars guys like Ali, Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis, Foreman, All american HW and if you look around there isn't a great up and coming american HW so whos sport is in danger of superstars being to old.

I know there are great boxers a the lower weights but Boxing has always been most viewed at HW.

8/7/08 2:49:05PM
I am a fan of fighting and I always have been. I would stay up until 2 in the morning to watch K-1 and thai boxing. Obviously I love MMA too. Boxing is just too one-dimensional for me. Kickboxing and MMA are so much more exciting and popular around the world so MMA isn't going anywhere......
8/8/08 8:12:39AM
That's funny that guy said that.And Boxing has really produced a lot of mega stars in the past few years?
8/9/08 9:31:22AM
Ya sports analysts are so ignorant like that lady on espn said mma is like wrestling and takes no skill. R U KIDDING me MMa could be one of the most skillful sports. BTW I was watchin boxing last night and Cloud vs Gonzalez was a hell of a fight. Cloud punished him for like 10 rounds and Gonzalez I watch boxing once and a while but I enjoyed that match. Cant wait for tonight UFC. WAR COMBAT SPORTS
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