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12/19/07 2:36:00AM
Hey my name is kyle i live in arizona. Im a student athlete as well as a wrestling coach in my off time. Football and mma are life...bottom line. Anybody have any suggestions as far as this site goes???!!!
12/19/07 3:15:58AM
hello KlobberYoFace welcome to the forums! Well really look browse the forums talk with fello mma'ers sit back an let your picks win you picked
Usally can get tips from most an gain more info from fights to fighters on mma
12/19/07 3:26:55PM
I think these are some of the better forums around. Some good posters--but slow enough that people will read and comment on your post if its noteworthy. I'd check out the ones under the MMA General section--the titles are self-explanatory.

12/19/07 7:26:09PM
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