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12/14/07 6:08:42PM
The fight card closes in less than 24 hours, so I wanted to point out that two fights are actually five 3 minute rounds, instead of three 5 minute rounds. Those two fights being Jason House vs. Liam McCarty and Lee King vs. Marcus Lanier. Your fight is still locked if you picked it, but if you want to rethink the result based on round times, nows the time to do it.

Not sure why they did it like that, but whatever.
12/14/07 7:16:55PM
I don't think it will be a good thing.
The ground game and the possiblity of working your way to a sub will be negatively affected for sure.

12/15/07 7:52:01PM
ugh....i missed the update.

ah well.
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