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1/28/07 10:14:12AM
My picks are the bold ones.

Sylvia - Couture
Diaz - Gomi
Nak - Wiuff
Huerta - Halverson
Ace - McDonald
Hazelett - Saraiva
Silva - Henderson

If you want to wager with me either pm me or write it here. I don't have any money left but got about 200$ of pending wagers so if you got a good offer I'll make room for a deal.
1/28/07 2:43:44PM
Ill take halverson 100$
1/28/07 2:53:13PM
Ill put 150$ Kazuo "Grabaka Hitman" Misaki over Frank Trigg
1/28/07 2:54:05PM
forget it wrong thread
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