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7/22/10 1:29:38PM

It could be the biggest fight in UFC history.

It could break all the records.

And according to UFC president Dana White, everyone keeps asking for it, so he might just have to give it to them.

The longstanding fight fans have been asking for is to see widely regarded pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva match up with the fighter closely nipping at his heels for the top spot in UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. The fight has been brought up to White for years, and both camps have expressed interest.
and that means bringing in whoever is going to present the biggest challenge.
7/22/10 4:52:52PM
I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Silva will act like he is going to 170, until he relizes he can't make the cut, than it will be a catchweight. I want GSP to take the MW title, and have 2 belts, than drop 1 and defend the other.
7/22/10 8:32:56PM
I hope its for a belt which ever weight class it is going to be. But if it has to be a catchweight so be it. The two best P4P. Hard one to call
7/22/10 9:15:37PM
"Tell GSP to make weight, we'll be waiting," Soares said simply.
They know how hard it wuld be for Silva to make WW so they are baiting GSP into a MW bout......either way at this point I don't think it should be for a title because you know Silva would never defend a WW belt and GSP would have to end up fighting like 2 times a year....changing you weight like that is much harder then people think.
7/23/10 11:44:41AM
I'd be cool with a catch weight bout as long as it was a five rounder. Dana's scoffed at the idea of non-title fights going five rounds in the past, but this fight NEEDS to be decided over a full five.
7/23/10 11:28:29PM
no one will care after sonnen beats him....
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