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11/30/08 2:57:19PM
I just discovered Pandora Radio and it got me thinking what else am I missing on the net.....

Please share the best of your favorites list...

Like this

Pandora Radio Sign up put in your favorite song or artist and it make a custom radio channel for you
11/30/08 3:27:51PM
damn, good find

this place is actually very good at picking out music i like

a good website for making music lists for myspace and facebook is
11/30/08 3:42:47PM
Yeah, I've been using Pandora for a few years now. It's great for listening to music at work...and the best part is that it adapts to your preferences over time.


On to the topic. Here's some sites that I frequent and mentioned previously in a similar thread. You are probably familiar with some, while others not so much.

Fark - how else will I figure out what's going on in the world in just 15 min. a day.

Snopes - great site for dispelling all of those urban myths...hours of great reading

X-entertainment - for any child of the 80's, the articles here are on point

HowStuffWorks - exactly as it sounds...and covers damn near everything

Instructables - want to know how to make something/anything? find out how

BenHeck - what to do with all your old video game consoles...this guy's a genious

IMDB - the movie/tv bible
11/30/08 4:03:28PM
Sounds interesting. Doesnt work outside the US though
11/30/08 4:22:03PM
i agree pandora is grea for work. a site that i used to visit frequently for my adult needs would be welivetogether ( now im not puting the link so i dont get in trouble or am i saying go look at it)
11/30/08 4:44:37PM
11/30/08 5:31:47PM
Pandora is great, but pandora on itouch or iphone is incredible!
12/1/08 11:28:04AM
I have in my favorites, you never know when you'll need to look up a word, spell a word, or have to use all the other "fun" stuff the site has.
12/1/08 11:45:33AM

Posted by Khaos

I have in my favorites, you never know when you'll need to look up a word, spell a word, or have to use all the other "fun" stuff the site has.

I use their thesaurus a lot too.

Rotten Tomatoes for film reviews.
The Movie Box for film trailers.
AllMusic for discographies, reviews/descriptions, and genre lists. They also have a weekly email newsletter of new releases.
Baseball for history, standings, trivia, and many, many statistics.
Sky Sports for European sports. I use it for soccer, but they're sort of an for the UK.
I greatly prefer Live365 over Pandora. I found Pandora kept playing things I was already familiar with, which mostly defeated the purpose, but that was a couple of years ago.
Pitchfork for more music news & stuff (including the reunion of The Jesus Lizard!)
L'Hotel Tolbiac for a cheap place to stay in Paris. No cafe, no elevator, no English.

And while I'm thinking of it, Alliance Fran├žaise, Paris Ile-de-France, for learning French while in Paris.
12/1/08 12:27:35PM
All sorts of addicting games... No down loads...

Addicting games
12/1/08 4:23:10PM

i know im a loser
12/1/08 5:00:58PM
Too lazy to copy all the links but I divide my favorites between Wrestling/MMA, Sports, and general other stuff (mostly email, news, and stuff relevant to my commute) but of course I can't forget the best part of my Monday-Thursday mornings: If the day's episode isn't in iTunes by 5 AM I get especailly cranky.
12/2/08 11:31:13AM
Hava a cell phone and don't like to pay for the Ring tones????

Check out this site You can uplaod your own music or select one from the site works with 99% of phones and it free
12/2/08 1:38:14PM
for a good laugh go to
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