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6/28/07 10:39:31AM
It seems to have decreased with the new site update which is really crap IMHO, why make the site worse with changes? nobody in my camp can upload the GIF avvys they used to have which is a real shame as they make the place look really cool - think the only reason my current one is working is cos it was already there, if i tried to delete it and upload it it wouldnt work

Can an admin/mod please confirm this and say why? also can you let us know if the capacity will be increased again anytime soon cos it was a really cool feature to have
6/29/07 8:10:31AM
6/29/07 12:53:52PM
The avatar size limit was reduced, yes. This was done for a few different reasons.

#1) - We had users uploading avatars that were over a megabyte in filesize routinely. From the most recent items I've read, roughly half of US users are still not using broadband connections (cable, dsl). This number is even lower in most other countries (which is important to us, since 20% of our userbase is not from the US). For ANYONE on a dial-up connection, attempting to load a page with numerous huge avatar files takes a long, long, long time, and we had been receiving complaints about it. So #1, this was done to make site-load times better for our users.

#2) - Serving megabytes worth of avatar files every time a page loads chews up a healthy chunk of bandwidth for a high-traffic site. Bandwidth isn't free. As it is, we've done what we can do reduce site-maintenance related costs. Doing things like this translates into having more resources left in our pockets which we can then make available to offer the users more and bigger prizes, new features, etc.

#3) - Premium users can still load slightly larger filesize avatars, but still nothing nearly so big as the heavy files that we all kind of got used to using.

#4) - Most forums have size limits in place for things like this, it's pretty common. When we started out 6 months ago it wasn't imagined we'd have so many users so soon. This wasn't a development bridge we figured we'd have to cross for a long while, but we were wrong, which isn't a bad thing in this case.

So yeah... sorry for the change, but things need to be tweaked here and there to make the balance between site maintenance costs and keeping things fun for everyone
7/1/07 3:26:19AM
7/1/07 7:58:33AM
Not sure what bleh is, maybe the same as meh

But thanks Mr Mod for the reply, its a shame cos i had taken ages and resized loads of gifs for my camp members and now they cant upload them but i spose its fair enough with the bandwith problem

But i do hope if the site gets busier and brings in more ad rev then you may at some point try and increase it again slightly, again thanks for thr reply
7/1/07 11:04:00AM
Bleh is Turkish for ; This soup is too salty.
7/1/07 11:41:01AM
Awww, that sucks. It amazes how many people are still on dialup... that must be frustrating as hell.
7/1/07 1:18:45PM

Posted by Ydoc

Awww, that sucks. It amazes how many people are still on dialup... that must be frustrating as hell.

a little bit, but I'm not gonna lie, its a lot faster than it was when I had it. My dad lives out in the boonies and has dialup, its actually not THAT slow.
7/2/07 8:57:49AM
I actually have dial up but never found it that bad, my team roster page lagged as about 25 members have gif avvys but it was ok and worth the wait cos they looked so rad

So for that reason id say
But for the bandwith and expense issue i say fair enough, but would like it if they thought about bringing it back when they can afford, they must be getting ALOT of revenue from ads etc as this site is really popular now