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1/27/07 11:37:33PM
Let's see... what do we have going on here at the moment....

UFC 67, inaugural season event #1, coming up on Saturday. Make sure you have your picks and wagers in place a few hours before the PPV event is live for us all to watch. The fight card seems pretty set in stone at this point. If there's someone you'd like to see get involved in the game from the get-go then by all means please use the Invite A Friend page to get them involved before our first event is locked out for selection.

Fight Camp Directory - Taking feedback via the forum and from various site contacts we've updated the fight camp directory so that fight camps of similar sizes are pitted against each other for competition sake. You're now able to sort via things like overall win percentage, average member bankroll, etc, based on what fight camp "weight division" your camp fits into. A big thank you to all who offered creative feedback on how to rank things.

Fight Camp Message Boards - These have been upgraded to match the feature availability that we enjoy here on the community forums, including pictures, edits, and other features.

Account activations - A few members have been confused by the account activation process messages. We've simplified things and made the interface a little more specific so that hopefully it will be easier for people to sign up and validate their accounts to make their picks and wagers.

Overall site progress - We've been online for a full two weeks as of now, are working our way towards 2,500 members, have some great fight camps formed up, good talk on our message boards, and great feedback to help improve things to pull us out of "BETA" stage here in our little MMA game world. A big thank you to all those who have spread the word and contributed ideas A big welcome goes out to all those joining us from (in alphabetical pollitically correct order so as to avoid offense): Auto Forum Universe, BloodyKnux, Bullshido,, MMAFighting, MMAForum, and Sherdog.

WRITERS - We are still in need of 2 or so qualified, passionate writers to help keep the MMA community informed of recent MMA news and events. If you have writing experience and/or think that you have what it takes to keep us demanding MMA fans "in the know" on things, then please contact us.

Next week - We're currently in the process of building a new feature which should help put a number of forum topics to rest.... we don't want to say much about it, but we plan on adding this new section to the site after next week's UFC 67 event and it will need lots of user input to make this something that the MMA community can reference. Your fantasy MMA picks will play a large roll in this feature (don't wanna say much more about it until it's launched) so make sure that you go with the fight picks that you feel strongly about.

Again, welcome all who have joined us and thank you for the support you've all lended so far,
Moderator Will
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