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9/19/07 1:24:31PM
I was thinking maybe not only to stop duplicate threads on the same topic,like the 40 Chuck Liddell Vs Wandy threads ive seen in the past.I was thinkin maybe someone could add like some kind of Topic/Thread Search Bar.I see at the bottom of a thread it'll show the other related threads on a certain topic or fighter.Maybe its a lame idea but it could help the mods so you guys dont have to move and delete certain threads but it can also stop people posting and saying Hey Dickpiece theres already a thread on this is another forum and such..I dunno maybe itsa lame idea but its just a suggestion to help from seeing duplicate threads and such...thanks.

PS it will also help the lazy ones like myself some time instead of searching thru all the old pages of threads.Just a suggestion to help out everyone alittle the Mods,the Posters,the Lazies hahaha...anyways you guys do a good job keep it up...thanks.
9/21/07 9:46:55AM
kinda like the similar topics menu on the bottom of the page when you click a thread.
9/22/07 3:04:52AM
One would think the giant red letters under the "submit" button asking you not to post duplicate threads would be enough, but clearly its not. Basically theres no way to stop people from posting multiple threads because theres no way to make someone pay attention.
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