O.J. Simpson Sentenced Today

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12/5/08 1:19:46PM
Just happened moments ago. Still doing number-crunching but currently the TV reports I'm watching say at least 15 years in prison and must serve 5 years before he can get parole. He could have gotten life. Co-defendant Clarence Stewart got 15 years.
12/5/08 1:21:43PM
Better late than never.
12/5/08 1:23:11PM
the juice is no longer loose!

12/5/08 1:27:41PM
good to hear. yahoo for justice
12/5/08 1:28:14PM
Noted that on another website, that's what I was thinking too. ESPN's legal expert says he thinks Simpson will be serving at least 10 years before he's out. We'll be hearing all kinds of additional stuff about this today...I only watched it because I was home sick.

On a side note...OJ's attorney looked an awful lot like Jose Canseco.
12/5/08 1:45:17PM
i just got a text from espn saying oj is sentenced to 18 years!!!
12/5/08 1:51:44PM
wow 15 years for kidnapping and hella shit. my brother got 20 years for just beating some guy up.
12/5/08 1:55:35PM
The gun is probably what made the difference, because then they make it so it's "with a deadly weapon" in Nevada.
12/5/08 2:19:31PM
Karma's a b**ch!!!!!!!!!!!
12/5/08 2:28:56PM
from wiki

In September 2007, Simpson faced more legal troubles as he was arrested[2] in Las Vegas, Nevada and subsequently charged with numerous felonies, including robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary with a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon, first-degree kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon (which carries possible life sentence), coercion with use of a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit a crime.[3] He was found guilty of all charges on October 3, 2008.[4][5]

On December 5 he was sentenced to at least fifteen years in prison, eligible for parole after nine years.

12/5/08 2:36:19PM
Wiki = not a trustworthy source of information

I don't know if what you posted is correct or not...I'm just saying. Never trust that site.
12/5/08 2:52:16PM
somewhere frank drebin is shedding a tear for his buddy nordberg...
12/5/08 4:03:22PM
Don't forget Ed, forget how you spell the last name.

Clarification/update on the sentence length, it was updated since I posted...I'm now reading the sentence is potentially up to 33 years, and it will be at least 9 years before probation. That could potentially equal life since if that's the case, Simpson would be 94 on release if he does serve the full sentence.
12/10/08 6:58:39PM


Hope he gets what he deserves, and by that i mean..

I hope the biggest dude in jail, gives him something...and i dont mean his last poptart.
12/11/08 4:21:10PM
justice finally scared i give O.J 4 months before hes killed by his cellmate
12/11/08 6:33:21PM
Those tears were beautiful werent they.
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