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3/1/08 10:33:31AM
Tonight as I have been bored waiting for the big show I pulled my DVD wallet and watched all Silva's fights, And it got me thinking.
I also watched countdown and noticed Silva saying he doesnt think he will knock out Henderson, But is sure he will finish it by round 2.

Now I think a sub is his best shot, And I can see Hendo rushing in to Silva's guard and getting caught. Anderson has some wicked flexibility in his his legs, And I think that is his gameplan to finishing Hendo.


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3/1/08 10:59:58AM
I don't see it happening. I think this fight will go to decision. Either Silva winning by controling the standup or Henderson by controlling grappling.

I think it's going to come down to where the majority of the fight is.
3/1/08 12:53:45PM
i got it silva 4th KO
3/1/08 12:57:45PM

Posted by loonytnt

i got it silva 4th KO

i have the same thing

however anything can happen in this fight and all i can do now is cross my fingers that all of this anderson looking past hendo BS isn't true and he gets down to business. this is going to be one to remember for sure.
3/1/08 1:59:38PM
If Henderson doesn't stay out of Silva's guard this is definitely a possibility. The one thing I can say is that Hendo's BJJ defense is good, and his grip strength is even better. I see him powering out of submissions the way only an olympic wrestler could. About the only two submissions that could get him are a triangle choke (given that Silva keeps his hips down while applying the triangle) and the arm bar. Possibly a freakish leg submission, but highly doubtful since I see Hendo keeping Silva pushed against the fence.

I don't think Silva is going to KO hendo on the feet, but I could see a TKO resulting from cuts.

Aside from all of that I think Henderson's relentless GnP, control of the takedown game, dirty boxing, and guard passes will win the night for him.
3/1/08 3:57:11PM
hendo by ud, controls the grappling, gets smart and stays in top position for most of the fight.
3/1/08 5:06:33PM
Silva Second Round KO..
3/1/08 5:21:16PM
i got hendo in 2 gnp. i think it'll be a very exciting 2 rds though.
3/1/08 7:42:19PM
I don't think hendo will be able to do anything on the ground as Anderson probably has the best guard and ground defense in MMA. Hendo throws wild and Anderson has pin point accuracy. He won't knock Hendo out.

But he sure as hell can stop him by GNP strikes TKO(Ref stoppage) hopefully in 4th after he floors or rocks him badly like in the Rampage and first Wandy fight.
3/2/08 12:29:04AM
Well it was no triangle but he got the choke.

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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