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9/16/10 2:33:24AM
link Chael Sonnen is still swinging his verbal hammer, and now he's laying the smack down on the UFC's reigning welterweight champion. With a rematch against UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva set to go down in early 2011, Sonnen already has his sights set on what would be next, assuming he gets the belt. And his sights are set on another UFC champion.
9/16/10 10:42:03AM
finish whats on your plate and MAYBE we will get you more....
9/16/10 6:18:39PM
I would love to see him knock the "3cent tan off GSP's socialist back" (his words not mine). I doubt it'll come to fruition but it would be a great fight. Even if he loses this it wouldn't change the hurting he'd put on the GSP. Shogun would kill him tho.
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