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POLL: Would You Be Interested in Silva/Sonnen 3?
Yes 45% (20)
No 55% (24)
7/9/12 10:44:54PM
Silva had no way of advancing position. So he conserved energy while his opponent expended it.

I fail to see how Chael is really getting flak for his round 1. The comment was in comparison to people "giving Chael so much credit" for the first round.
7/9/12 11:36:59PM
I actually voted YES to this, but it has to be under 3 conditions:

1) Fight takes place in Brasil

2) Loser leaves weight division

3) No crying after Chael loses again
7/10/12 8:58:57AM
No, not a chance
7/10/12 5:43:03PM
chael has been finished TWICE by anderson i have zero interest in seeing that again.
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