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1/31/09 4:10:56PM
Now the rumors are flying around that wanderlei will step down to mw cud we see him fight anderson silva. Am wondering what every one thinks of that fight and what the out come of the fight wud be? I wud go with A.Silva by ko
1/31/09 4:17:28PM
A)wanderlei doesnt deserve a title shot, after a brutal ko loss ( Wandy is one of my fav fighters)
B)not sure if they would even fight seeing as they have a past
C) if the did fight anderson would win. they have too different styles. anderson likes to take his time at the start, then pick his opponent apart with pin point persision punches (alliteration) and kicks. wandy likes to come out swinging, and although he has power, isnt a very technical striker
and even tho wandy also has a bjj black belt, anderson has the edge on the ground.

a matchup that sounds good untill you think about it....
1/31/09 4:18:49PM
First, would they even fight each other? Didn't Anderson train at Chute Box for a while? i would love to see it though. i would like to see Anderson's chin really tested, and both have good Tai clinch
1/31/09 4:21:41PM
If this fight happen i predict the first dead in the UFC cage, R.I.P. Wandy..
1/31/09 4:49:15PM

Posted by tuvok500

If this fight happen i predict the first dead in the UFC cage, R.I.P. Wandy..

1/31/09 7:22:38PM
please watch silva vs crocop and tell me what happens when a guy like silva fights a guy with a good counter straight punch n kick...ok... thank u

i love wanderlei i wanna see him win, ive wanted to see him win each of his last 3 fights in the ufc and rooted for him all the time in pride, but his style isnt good this isnt a superfight its a stupid fight this fight would be even quicker than the leben fight because i dont believe wanderlei's chin is that good any more
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