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POLL: Which Silva Wins?
Anderson Silva 45% (20)
Wanderlei Silva 41% (18)
Draw 0% (0)
No Contest 0% (0)
Giant Silva 14% (6)
Carlos Silva (Haha!) 0% (0)
7/11/08 10:40:52AM
Who'd win? For purposes of this debate, let's disregard the weight classes since it seems they're going to be interchangeable to some degree with Anderson fighting at both 185 & 205 and constant rumors Wanderlei might drop to 185. Let's also assume the fight would be under UFC rules, of course. I'd have to go with Anderson based on UFC experience-no doubt Wandy's adjusted very well and is starting to find his groove but to me he still seems like his fighting style is a little better suited for PRIDE.

(And as usual, had to throw a couple "other" Silvas into the poll to have a little fun with it)
7/11/08 10:45:46AM
The Axe Murderer would win for the fact that he actually has a Nickname .
7/11/08 12:09:48PM
WANDERLEI SILVA by bloody murder
7/11/08 12:53:19PM

Posted by Khaos

The Axe Murderer would win for the fact that he actually has a Nickname .

So does Anderson-The Spider.
7/11/08 12:56:37PM
It'd be over quickly unfortunately. I think it'd go to Wandy, as i believe he has the power over Spida.

I would love a war from these boys, but i think it'd be either over in the first, or go to decision.
7/11/08 1:20:07PM
Dunno Anderson cuts from 215, So does Wanderlei, I think Anderson via UD.
7/11/08 4:35:30PM
No matter who won it would sure as hell be exciting, but I would prolly give a slight edge to the spider.
7/11/08 5:03:59PM
Haha, who's the wrestling fan who voted Giant Silva? (To his credit, I think he's done a little MMA. I can't remember if it was MMA or K-1 though)
7/11/08 5:08:24PM
Anderson would probably be the more effiecient fighter landing more shots but Wanderlei would eventually land a big shot and finish it with his pattented barrage of hooks in the second or third.
7/14/08 12:44:38PM
what about Anderson Silva v.s. Anderson Silva..........wait that cant happen, the arena would cave in due to, too much awesome.
7/14/08 1:09:28PM
Wanderlei would win, because he can KO Anderson with one punch, he's way more aggressive, and I dont think Anderson would be able to KO Wanderlei.
7/14/08 2:04:36PM
If Wandy is aggressive enough he might be able to take Anderson out. We all know how hard it is to hur the guy, but I do believe that Andreson can KO anyone with his knees. At first I thought this would be a bad match up for Anderson because of Wandy's style, but Chris Leben, although, yes, he is not of the same level as Wandy, has a similar style, and look what happened to him. If Wandy comes in wild and Anderson is intelligent, he can get the better of the striking. I don't see this fight going to the ground once, but if it did, Anderson also has the better submissions.

My first thought was Wandy is too wild, and with his chin, he would be too much to handle. But after thinking about it, I'm not putting it past Anderson that he couldn't knock Wandy out.

I think Wandy changed his game up after he lost to Chuck. But he did the same thing to Keith Jardine as Houston Alexander did, so it is hard to tell. Until I see another performance from Wandy, I'm going to stick with Anderson.

7/14/08 2:06:09PM
12/4/08 2:31:45AM
what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously guys? Anderson would own with out breaking a sweat. Maybe with both arms tied behind his back (he's got crazy head movement) I've got Anderson by slaughter
12/4/08 3:16:28AM
They will never fight, even if Wand lost to Page there not fighting, end of story. Dont think I need to explain this one but I will, there friends and long time chute boxe partners. We're more likely to see Matt Serra become champ again imo.
12/4/08 5:47:17PM
Yup unfortunately the only guys who can test Anderson are all his friends...coincidence?

It would be a war but I think Anderson is too elusive. I think he would have real difficulty cutting off the ring, and that straight forward style would run into a lot of counters. I think Wanderlei has the better clinch though, and that's an area he could really put some pressure on Silva. I'd go with a 3rd TKO by Anderson.
12/4/08 6:05:15PM
Wanderlei by sheer godamn kneeing
12/4/08 11:51:12PM
If they ever were to fight, I think Anderson would win a unanimous or split decision.
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