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4/8/12 2:55:09PM
Wanderlei Silva has had an itch to get back in the cage with Vitor Belfort ever since Belfort embarrassed him at UFC: Brazil way back in 1998. Belfort needed only 44 seconds before he blasted his fellow countryman with a barrage of shots that still plays on UFC highlight reels today.

The two are opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil and will meet some time down the road in a rematch that Silva has waited 14 long years for. He discussed it this week with The MMA Hour:

4/8/12 6:36:11PM
It will be a huge miracle if Vanderlay survives the 1st round.....ehh, maybe a small miracle.
4/8/12 8:03:00PM
I almost choked up a little there, talking about being 35the and having been fighting for 21the years. His last fight being in Japan. Damn its hard to accept someone who I have truly loved watching, and never rooted against, mention how he may be retiring very soon. 2011 hurt BAD with all the retirements, watch 2012 will bring Silva (possibly both) Ortiz, and Big Nog into obscurity. Kills a little bit of the soul.
4/9/12 3:46:32PM
People counting out Wand in this match up are crazy. His best days are behind him but so are Belforts imo. If Silva can get past the early storm I think he could take it.
4/9/12 4:12:43PM
I have a strange feeling both will be starting off with the Wandmill, whoever connects first is winning the fight.
4/9/12 5:20:46PM
Man I wish this rematch had happened 3-4 years ago.
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