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11/18/12 1:34:00AM
Who thinks this fight will happen or SHOULD happen? I really was surprised. The whole fight it showed Anderson Silva's reactions and yet he never challenged GSP. I really think it would be smart for GSP to not take this fight. GSP looked like he had a little ring rust and I really don't think he's ready for Anderson Silva yet. I think he should fight Diaz or Hendrix IMO. What do you guys think?
11/18/12 1:38:20AM
I think the 170 division has been on hold long enough and it would be nice to see the unified belt defended before moving up for a superfight.

I think Hendricks proved he deserved the shot and probably poses just as much of a challenge as Silva does.

Lets not forget that it was a left kick from Condit and an overhand left (If I remember correctly) vs Serra that sent GSP to the canvas, I don't think he'll be getting back up if he's on the receiving end of one of Hendricks lefts.
11/18/12 1:50:16AM
Jones vs Silva
GSP has legit competition still.
11/18/12 2:06:25AM
170 is stacked, Jones vs Silva is a more realistic superfight. GSP fights in the strongest deepest division in MMA right now and he'll probably get beat in his own division eventually.
11/18/12 2:35:05AM

Posted by jae_1833

Jones vs Silva
GSP has legit competition still.

Tonight showed that for sure. Silva would make short work of GSP
11/18/12 2:52:52AM
I'd much rather see Hendricks fight GSP.
11/18/12 3:32:17AM

Posted by Budgellism

I'd much rather see Hendricks fight GSP.

yeah i agree here. Heaps of competition waiting for gsp...lets not forget hendricks and rory.
11/18/12 3:35:17AM
My thoughts...

Id rather see SIlva vs Jones if a SF happens.

There is a good chance both Silva and GSP lose to their #1 contenders. I think Hendricks beats GSP and Weidman may beat Anderson.

I think The GSP/SIlva fight happens next since the UFC cant get Silva to face Jones.
11/18/12 8:02:00AM
I will say this

Last welter title fight was way back in Jan
Before that last April
Now u possibly wanna put a stranglehold on the division till 2013 fall time for the super fight

Also middleweight division as well
If they do this. Ufc needs interim titles in place

If they can push this from May to march I am all for it
11/18/12 8:39:32AM
it would be in may.
11/18/12 10:20:08AM

Posted by infestructure

Posted by jae_1833

Jones vs Silva
GSP has legit competition still.

Tonight showed that for sure. Silva would make short work of GSP

Minus a head kick that landed GSP dominated the fight against Condit like GSP got rocked surivived and stole the round back. I think he looked awesome for being off for 19 months and I still believe GSP beats Anderson
11/18/12 11:45:49AM
I think superfights should happen when both contenders have cleaned out their respective divisions are basically just coasting at the top with no real challenges. Pretty much what both Silva and Jones are doing right now, which is why a superfight would make sense for them.

GSP just got back, and as others have said, the division is stacked right now. It makes no sense for him to abandon ship at this point to train for a superfight. It's not his best interests and certainly not in the best interests of the WW division.

11/18/12 12:10:16PM
Both guys still have some contenders in their divisions, so I don't think it should happen.

I also don't see how GSP has a chance at beating Silva, he doesn't have the power to KO him, nor do I think he would last 5 or even 3 rounds of Silva's strikes. Silva is just to big for him.

I hope it just stays like Mayweather/Pacquiao nothing but talk.
11/18/12 12:57:00PM
GSP has a few fights he should take at WW, Hendricks, maia/Fitch, Diaz if he beats kos, possibly Rory if Dana can convince them.

Like the majority id much rather see Silva/bones, id even settle for Silva to fight a top 205er like rashad, ive been calling for that match awhile.
11/18/12 1:19:27PM

Posted by jae_1833

Jones vs Silva
GSP has legit competition still.

11/18/12 1:49:34PM
I am not a fan of superfights. If there is to be a champion vs. champion fight, I just want to see one of the two champions move to the others' weight division. For instance, GSP/Silva, I just want to see GSP move to MW. IF he wins, he can then be the MW champ and defend his belt there. That way, the WW division can go on. I don't want to see someone holding a belt in two divisions and holding up two divisions. There are enough delays in most divisions as it is.

If a superfight is being mentioned, it is because the champ has no competition left. If this is the case, be a man and try another division.
11/18/12 6:37:26PM
Personally Silva and GSP is a circus fight....Silva and Jones is closer to a real fight but I think Machida and Evans would both beat Silva...Proabbly a few more guys with better chins...
11/18/12 6:51:10PM
I don't want to see it right now. GSP has comp at WW to last two years right now, and there are always more challengers coming out of the woodwork at WW. The WW belt has been held up too long as is.

GSP vs. Hendricks should be next. IMO, that's a tough style match for GSP. Hendricks has power and wrestling, and doesn't have the gas tank problems like Ellenberger. If GSP has a weak spot in his game, it has been his ability to take damage.
11/18/12 7:26:13PM
Plain and simple, you don't pass on the opportunity. The window for this fight to happen is small it has to be capitalized on.

Biggest fight in MMA history.
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