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6/27/07 8:38:18PM
Cause hes so pretty sooooooooooo pretty
6/27/07 8:49:39PM

6/27/07 8:58:09PM
just mocking ali's words you tart shove the rainbow up ur ass
6/27/07 9:04:39PM
Just joking man, take it easy!
6/27/07 9:08:58PM
I'm assuming you mean Anderson?
6/28/07 10:43:17AM

Posted by Tons33

just mocking ali's words you tart shove the rainbow up ur ass

I think you need to chill out buddy
6/28/07 4:04:40PM
their couldnt be less of a resemblence between silva and ali

ali was know for his gameplans and fast footwork
silva runs at you with no footwork and throws looping hooks the whole fight

ali came up with great quotes, silva cant speak english, and never says anything anyways( english,portugues)
7/16/07 2:15:18PM
ha that is funny.
7/16/07 2:22:20PM
Aside from those facts mentioned, as a champion, Ali had a very small KO ratio. Honestly, it has been questioned as should they even name him the greatest because of this fact. I don't agree with it however, i feel he does deserve to be in the top 10 boxers of all time, but Ali had a very small KO ratio for a champ, Anderson Sylvia doesn't. Mind you, the sports are different and are hard to compare, but thats about the only place, "who's finished more often" .

Fact: Out of his 56 wins, only 37 are Ko's. decent ratio, however, as a champ, most of his wins are by decision ( quite decisive though ). I'm not saying he wasn't great or anything, he was amazing, the way he'd dance around you and make you look stupid while peppering you with shots that made you not want to fight again.
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