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2/19/08 6:41:31AM
Although nothing is official yet, there are now rumors that Wanderlei Silva is considering dropping to Middleweight, fueled largely by the desire for a rematch with PRIDE Welterweight Champion Dan Henderson, the man who beat Wanderlei in their final PRIDE fight. Such a move likely wouldn't happen before May.

2/19/08 7:29:29AM
wow that helps thicken the MW division a bit.
2/19/08 9:22:45AM
This would be sweet!
2/19/08 9:57:37AM
this would be good for the middleweight division and I could easily see him make weight as he is 5'11".
2/19/08 10:58:36AM
That much heart on a Middleweight. WOW
2/19/08 11:03:42AM
If he does drop down, I'd love to see one of his first fights be Franklin

2/19/08 11:13:31AM
i really hope he drops that makes the middleweight division a lot better
2/19/08 11:15:47AM
A fight between him and Jardine should be great! Slugfest start to finish. And a move to MW... oh boy does that help the division. I believe I am now officially pulling for Dan to be Anderson just so I can see the rematch between Dan and Wanderlei as a five rounder for the title!!! Way to go Joe Silva and Dana White if any of this does happen.
2/19/08 11:32:09AM
i think it has more to do with the loose to chuck, but the MW div would be helped out a lot, hopefully vitor well get his mind right and come back and drop to MW too.
2/19/08 11:51:54AM
He looks too big to be a MW. He'll have to do extra laps with his snorkel.
2/19/08 12:35:00PM
Well... when I saw how absolutely ripped Wandy looked while training for the Chuck fight I started to think of this... Yes, he does have a lot of muscle, but he's relatively short in stature and seems like he could make the cut almost naturally if he keeps working the way he was for the Chuck fight...

Anyone know how much weight Wand actually cut for the fight with Liddell?
2/19/08 12:38:17PM
he will drop for either hendo or silva should be a great match in the future
2/19/08 1:24:34PM
Wand could revive his career with a move to 185. I wonder how the cut would go for him?
2/19/08 1:29:23PM
Wanderlei would be a monster at Middleweight.
I still think Anderson Silva would hurt him though.
There have been many up and down migrations to Middleweight in the last month or so. It will be exciting to finally see some of their fights.
Wanderlei's addition to the division would help make it almost as "deep" as the Light Heavyweight and the Welterweight divisions.
It can't hurt.
2/19/08 6:09:55PM
I seriously don't know how to take this. I dont feel excited about it. I feel like there is unfinished business at LHW, especially since I believe that Wandy can beat Rampage again. I know he isnt even close in the title picture but if I were him I would definately wait till after the Keith Jardine fight (if it happens) before I consider dropping to MW. Either way, he is still my fav. fighter and I will pull for him against anybody!
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