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4/18/09 4:09:44AM
Whats the chance of the spider being beat in this fight.Am torn on my picks just wondering what way the playground is going on this brawl.
4/18/09 4:23:24AM
Id say the lines accurately describe how close this fight is.

4/18/09 7:20:41AM
Leites isn't good enough at BJJ to be a serious threat to Silva.
4/18/09 7:21:32AM
leitas dosent really have a chance but i can see why the UFC gave him the title shot he has a good looking 14-1 record the problem is the biggest win on the record against marquart he should have lost a pretty straight foward UD instead of the herb dean error that gave him the fight

apart from that he hasnt beaten anyone near the top ten

as good as his BJJ is silva has more then enough BJJ of his own to defend with and brutaly ground and pound him if he is taken down or just ko him standing
4/18/09 7:45:55AM
Leites definitely has a chance, but it's smaller than the UFC makes it out to be. Leites' jiujitsu is legit and way ahead of Silva's. However, Silva's is good enough to keep him from getting subbed. Let's not forget with who and where Silva trains. So Leites may win a round or two, but sooner or later he'll get caught.
4/18/09 9:49:23AM
This is mma and anything can happen, but I dont think anyone is giving Leites much chance in this one. I'm taking Silva by destruction.
4/18/09 10:07:14AM
Leites has good BJJ, and I think his only real chance would be to catch Silva in a sub real early in the fight..before sweat plays a factor..

But Silva has a good guard, and some impressive defensive bjj...I think the first round may take place on the mat a little with Leites in Silvas guard and maybe in half..but won't do much while down there.

In the second Silva will step it up on the feet leaving Thales unconcious on the mat, with his teeth laying beside him.
4/18/09 10:21:51AM
i think most people got it right... while Leites could come out and surprise everyone (like Serra vs GSP) most likely he's fighting Silva at the wrong time...

Silva feels like he has "something to prove" because of his laid back performance last time. I don't think it will get past round 2... maybe not round 1.

Silva... by decimation
4/18/09 10:03:00PM
I don't think Spider is going to lose- but the countdown did have me second guessing that...
4/19/09 1:50:23AM
Leites looked shite in this fight.
I seemed like his game plan was to just hope Silva would fall into his guard.
To his credit though, Leites didn't get his face reconfigured by the 'Spider'.
4/19/09 2:50:27AM
Leites was being very stupid, he was sticking to his game plan, something you never do when the game plan doesn't work.

Anderson was inviting him by putting his hands down and still Leites was scared to engage because he was so persistent in getting Anderson to his guard.

Very disappointing fight, but Anderson still dominated, and despite the criticism I'm moving him ahead as the #2 P4P fighter in the World on my fighter rankings.

I lol'd every time Anderson punched Leites knee.
4/19/09 11:25:54AM
on all points. I thought it was especially hilarious when he punched him in the foot.

How bout those kicks he was throwing at his knees, those were nasty.
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