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7/8/12 4:49:22AM
I personally thought it was weird. Silva didn't need to pull that.
Still, happy with the result. I hope Chael fans can be humble.

I thought Silva asking Chael to a BBQ was pretty humble.

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7/8/12 4:57:06AM
Uh, that was dirty and long as hell for someone not to jump in and correct it. Still, it was a good clean win. I pulled for Cheal, I wanted him to win, shit didn't work out. Nice win for Andy. My parlay came through(#6 on the PG). BTW Andy at -220 is always a good bet, it's almost stupid not to throw money at that. We will never have that good of odds on him again. I told my team the same thing.
7/8/12 10:17:30AM
Looks like his hand was caught or Sonnen had some sort of sticky stuff on his shorts. In the end the French ref did a fantastic job imo.

7/8/12 10:36:45AM
There was no need to grab his shorts like that. It didn't affect the fight in any way though so it doesn't matter.
7/8/12 10:45:21AM
i didnt think i could have less respect for andy..... but i do
7/8/12 11:11:05AM
These pics are about 20 secs into the "shorts" grab. I think incidents like this need some sort of penalty. Much like Aldo grabbing the fence vs Mended, this helped tremendously in preventing a takedown.
7/8/12 11:35:52AM
No doubt a very dirty second round
7/8/12 11:39:46AM
also the blatant greasing he tried to pull of, good job on Yves for wiping him down.

and had chael not partially blocked that knee with his forearms, it would have been square in the chops and not deflected to his chest.

exciting fight though.

7/8/12 11:49:11AM

Posted by sbulldavid

No doubt a very dirty second round

he's got to keep his "legacy" going any way he can
7/8/12 12:00:26PM
I knew this fight would have mixed feelings even when it was over!!!
7/8/12 12:32:36PM
I'll forgive Silva since everyone forgave Chael for juicing.
7/8/12 1:06:50PM
And what about all these other guys grabbing the fence?

Are we trying to find anything to complain about?
7/8/12 2:57:02PM

Posted by voodoo-jitsu

i didnt think i could have less respect for andy..... but i do

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7/8/12 3:04:56PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

Posted by voodoo-jitsu

i didnt think i could have less respect for andy..... but i do

lmao i'll take a case
7/8/12 3:12:43PM
I wouldn't have had a problem with the shorts grab had it not resulted in Anderson landing a strike and turning the tide.

He changed the flow of the fight by making Chael try and get loose.

That's lame. Chael shouldn't have to worry about his shorts getting pulled and then getting clocked trying to get loose
7/8/12 4:57:25PM
it was quite obvious that anderson wanted chael close bc he knew if he could get in range he could finish him. i actually thought it was funny
7/8/12 11:53:53PM
It was an obvious infraction on Anderson's part, but I believe Yves did a good job handling the situation. Anderson was given 2 verbal warnings. One more grab would've been a point deduction. Which wouldn't have altered the fight in any way, because a shorts grab point deduction doesn't call for the fight to be stopped and Silva still finishes Sonnen the exact same way.

Good Job by Yves, but some TERRIBLE decisions by the judges last night.
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